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16+ years ago we were two guys who thought we could do weddings better than any other DJ's out there.
Fast forward to today... 
We are now a team of 3, but we STILL believe we can do weddings better than any other DJ's out there.  All three of us have different strengths, so we can mix and match our talents to make sure you get the best team at your event. 
Nic (aka Nyteryder) is the man on the mic.  When he is not mixing music, you will hear him getting the party going.  He can take your party to the next level.
Josh (the Silver Fox) is quiet on the mic, but that's because he is focused on the music.  Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.  
John (aka Wolfeman) is the guy who pulls it all together.  When you call, text or email, you will hear back from John.  He is the one working behind the scenes to make it all happen.  You might not see him at every event, but thanks to his planning, your day will run smooth.  
Call us to see how we can personalize your  next event.



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